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Welch, West Virginia


     June Allegrini
     Richard Alley
     Jean Anderson
     Jimmy Anderson
     James Archer


     Lillian Babalis
     Barbara Ball
     Dan Bacot
     Frances Barber
     Junior Barberio


     Bernice Barnes
     Everett Belcher
     Gloria Belcher
     Janet Belcher
     Dorothy Bishop


    Elenor Bishop
    Shirley Bishop
    Wanda Bishop
    Betty Blankenship
    Norman Blankenship 


    Shelby Blankenship
    Robert Blevins
    Jerry Bowlick
    Shirley Boyd
    Peggy Bradley


    Elizabeth Branson
    Shirley Bunting
    Daniel Burks
    Phyllis Burks
    Elizabeth Cable


    Frank Caperton
    James Carver
    Thelma Chambers
    Joyce Chandler
    Rosalie Cherricozzi


    Howard Childress
    Richard Childress
    James Cook
    Lillie Craft
    Mary Dalton


    Rose Marie Damon
    Glenda Dawson
    Richard Day
    Betty Marie Deamon
    Regina Delomas


    Rita De Phillipe
    Jeannette Deskins
    Barbara Dillon
    Richard Lee Douglas
    Jimmy Eanes


    Gerald Eden
    Florence Elkins
    Jack Eller
    Patty Flanagan
    Charlotte Flanery


    Melvin Foster
    Angeline Galvin
    Raymond Gaminde
    Catherine Gates
    Charlotte Gillespie



     Christine Gonzalez
     Helen Green
     Betty Hale
     Frances Hale


     Dorothy Hamm
     Donald Hampton
     Bob Hardison
     Sibby Hendricks
     Tommy Hornbuckle


     Ruth Hull
     Sylvia Hull
     Doris Hunt
     John Hurt
     Jeanetta Jenkins


     Janet Jenks
     Ronnie Justice
     Colleen Kidwell
     Elizabeth Kirby
     Ricci Larese


     Herbert Mabry
     Johnny Martinez
     Ethel Mahaffey
     Kathleen McGinity
     Betty McGuire


     Jerry McPeak
     William Michael
     Jimmy Dale Mullins
     Betty Otey
     Patricia O'Brien


     Patty Patton
     Demetria Pennington
     Loretta Phillips
     Raymond Pickles
     Beverly Pigg


     Jacqueline Poe
     Flummie Polce
     George Popp
     Bobbie Pruett
     Nancy Quesenberry


     Violet Quesada
     Donald Ratcliff
     Frankie Rector
     Marietta Reedy
     Betty Jo Richardson 


     Shirley Richardson
     Virginia Roark
     Donald Roberts
     Jean Rutledge
     Jean Schiefelbein


     Dolly Serreno
     Pat Serreno
     Percy Shoemaker
     Carolyn Shrout
     Dean Sizemore


     Bryon Smith
     Bob Smith
     Dorothie Smith
     Doris St. Clair
     Billy Steel


     Sally Southerland
     Fred Taylor
     Jane Thomas
     Johnny Thomas
     Georgia Thomasson


     Billy Thompson
     Thomas Triplett
     Jean Turpin
     Mary Waddell
     Genieve Walls


     Nadyne Walls
     Delores Walters
     Stanley Walters
     Nancy Wellman
     Bob Widner



     Max Willard
     Charles Wright
     Loretta Young

Not Pictured: Mona Beare, Francis Cline, Edith Cook, Shirley Cook, James Cox, Ronnie Gillispie, Evelyn Goodsen,
Shirley Hall, Albert Jack, Donald Janney, Geneva Justice, Claude Lane, Elizabeth McGrady, Jeannette Short,
Cecil Stroup

Special Thanks to Brenda Lucado Laxton for use of her annual to scan these pictures.

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